Remodeling Process Summary

Two-Phase Six-Step Process

Increased government regulations, more challenging designs, more complicated construction methods, green building practices, and an overwhelming selection of products from which to choose can complicate your vision. But whether you are planning a whole-house remodel with additions, a single addition, or interior remodel or modification, The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process is divided into two phases, each with 3 steps to help you achieve your vision. Each step is designed to get you closer to the desired goal of a finished remodel or addition to your home.
Phase One, Pre Construction
Step 1. Feasibility Study
Step 2. Design Review
Step 3. Final Plans & Specifications
Phase Two, Construction
Step 1. Construction Preparation
Step 2. Construction
Step 3. Post Construction

We believe in building the project on paper first and then in the field. A mistake can easily be corrected on paper, in the planning Pre Construction phase, but that same mistake found during construction can be extremely expensive. Also, by following The Process, you will know if moving to a new home is more cost effective than remodeling to accomplish your goals.


The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process

Phase One, Pre Construction

Step 1 – Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the first of three steps in the Pre Construction portion of The Process. The main goal for the Feasibility Study is to determine whether or not the project is feasible for you and your budget. This study is done without hiring the architect. The remodeler’s goal is to understand the general idea of what you would like to accomplish and make sure your budget is within range.

Step 2 – Design Review
The architect and interior designer are brought in during this step. The purpose of this step is to begin to refine the your vision and scope of work for your home. During this step of The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process it is appropriate for you to add to or subtract from the scope of work. The goal at the end of this step, however, is for you to have a final decision on the scope of work. At the end of this step you will have a refined preliminary plan, elevations and a more defined budget.

Step 3 – Final Plans & Specifications
Step Three of Pre Construction is the beginning of the home stretch of Phase One. Key information in this phase will become the final documents from which the remodeler and his or her team of trades and suppliers will work. This step of The Process is about researching, compiling, refining, and presenting all the information necessary to accomplish the homeowner’s dream. You will have the final cost before construction.

Phase Two, Construction

Step 1 – Construction Preparation
Now that you have reached a final agreement with the remodeler, the actual construction work is ready to begin. Prior to the actual start of construction, a few more items will be addressed or completed prior to starting project set-up and demolition. You will have confidence before any physical changes take place at your home. 

Step 2 – Construction
At this point, the building permits are in hand, the notice of commencement approved and filed, the construction schedule reviewed, and final expectations outlined. The remodeler is now ready to begin the transformation of your space into the agreed scope of work. During construction, the remodelers that partner with REMODology make sure a few things take place to provide you with extra peace of mind and prepare for the successful completion of the project.

Step 3 – Post Construction
The construction has come to an end. Everything you have planned in the Pre Construction steps of The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process has been delivered and now is reality. Before parting ways with the remodeler, there are several items of information you will be given to keep at your home for reference.



The Process is designed to be as detailed or as simple as you choose. Interior remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms will get through the Pre Construction phase much more quickly (some steps can be consolidated or eliminated for a quicker turn-around) than a room addition or a whole-house remodel. Of course, processes and procedures are the lines on the road and can occasionally be crossed, adjusted, or modified based on the situation. Use one of REMODology’s Remodeling Partners as your personal guide to successfully remodel your home.


REMODology's Remodeling Partners

The professional remodelers on this site have taken courses through REMODology; they advocate and they provide The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process for their clients. The remodelers who have partnered with REMODology are committed to understanding and guiding you through Pre Construction for your personal success. They will build your project on paper first to give you all the specific details and costs before Construction. You can search for a remodeler in your area by clicking on Find a Remodeler and entering your zip code.


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