What is REMODology?

REMODology is a service that helps the homeowner make a more informed buying decision while the remodeler receives payment for time spent planning the project. When both parties spend time together researching and preparing before constructing a remodel or addition, there is a greater return on the homeowner’s investment and a much more successful completion of the project. We are building harmony between homeowners’ needs, wants, and budgets through educational resources and online connections with remodelers.


REMODology is a service that educates you and assists in determining the most practical products and construction methods to complete your project within your budget. We have resources such as The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process that is a more logical way of planning for and completing a remodeling project. You are not just getting a “bid” or “estimate” for your project; you are embarking on a step-by-step process for identifying your wants and needs in an effort to establish the most accurate budget. You will have the information to decide in the early stages if it’s better to stop than to fail or compromise. Our mission is to assist you in learning if your dream is possible before your valuable resources of time and money have been spent.

We offer you homeowner-centered books including Up-Front Remodeling. Up-Front Remodeling is a quick read that will teach you Building vs Remodeling Costs, How to Avoid Bidding Failure, Who’s Who – What the Pros Can Do for You, A Process for Knowing ALL Details and Costs Before hiring an architect or remodeler.

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And so the challenge begins, trying to find the answers: What will improve my daily living experience and how much will it cost? Getting a price, if accurate, is like a mini research project: it takes time and effort. It is your decision whether to be proactive and spend the time it will take up front – before construction – when you have additional time to think and deliberate. If you are ready to learn if your wants and needs, ideas and desires fit your budget, please contact a remodeler who has partnered with REMODology to give you the answers you need. Find a Remodeler

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