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Increased government regulations, more challenging designs, more complicated construction methods, and an overwhelming selection of products from which to choose, plus green building and aging-in-place designs create considerably more time to get a project from an idea to actual construction – you should be paid for your time.

We Offer Remodelers Professional Services to Earn More

Although a remodeler knows the Pre Construction portion of a project is just as valuable as Construction, most professionals refer to their Pre Construction services mistakenly as estimating, which is done quickly and on a complimentary basis. Instead of hoping your plans and estimates will be accepted, REMODology offers you resources and services to earn money for your plans and estimates, gain more referrals, and attain greater professional satisfaction.
  • Get Paid for Your Time
    Learn why you should be paid for estimating and how you can by reading this book that has changed many remodeler's lives.
  • The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process is your advocate – teaching homeowners the value of paying a remodeler to efficiently plan their project before construction. This proven process has increased the worth, referrals, repeat business, and satisfaction of all remodelers who have put the steps into practice.
  • Increase Earnings and Customer Satisfaction
    Learn how building harmony will increase your bottom line by taking our online course.
  • Remodeler Partner Program
    Get paid for all Pre Construction services, increase your potential client base, and improve your business savvy while sharpening your remodeling skills by partnering with REMODology.

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