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What is REMODology?


REMODology is a service that helps the homeowner make a more informed buying decision while the remodeler receives payment for time spent planning the project. When both parties spend time together researching and preparing before constructing a remodel or addition, there is a greater return on the homeowner's investment and a much more successful completion of the project. Remodelers who build harmony between homeowners' needs, wants, and budgets make more money in less time, increase their referrals, and have greater professional satisfaction.

The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process is a more logical way of planning for and completing a remodeling project. You are not just giving homeowners an "estimate" for their project; you are embarking on a step-by-step process for identifying their wants and needs in an effort to establish the most accurate budget. You will provide the information they need to decide in the early stages if it's better to stop than to fail or compromise homeowners vision. Our mission is to assist you in getting paid for the time you spend helping the homeowner learn if their dream is possible. You will spend the necessary amount of time with the homeowner before construction to assure homeowners their scope of work and budget are feasible. This is a proven process and you can learn how to put the steps into practice to fit your business model to increase earnings and customer satisfaction.

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Make More Money in Less Time
Getting paid for the time spent planning and preparing for a remodeling project is a great reward since most remodelers are not able to do this. REMODology demonstrates to the homeowner the value of planning and the logic for paying a professional remodeler to oversee the planning process. You may adopt The Process we advocate and use it in its entirety or use parts and pieces of it to combine with parts of a process you may already be using. Learn why and how you should be paid for estimating and Pre Construction planning by investing less than 2 hours to read the FREE PDF book (or purchase a paperback copy) Get Paid for Your Time.
Connect with Homeowners Who Want to Pay You
Taking The Conflict Free Remodeling Course and becoming a Remodeling Partner will equip you with the knowledge and professional support you need to start getting paid for your time. Learn all the benefits of partnering with REMODology and becoming a Remodeling Partner.
Proven Success
The Conflict-Free Remodeling Process is working for remodelers and homeowners now. Find out how it is creating a win-win relationship and benefiting both by reading the following Testimonials.


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